"Psychedelic Weirdness.”
If spoken by anyone other than Slaton Glover, this reference would surely elicit more questions than answers. But given that he and his cohorts in The Travelin’ Kine hold influences like Kris Kristofferson, David Grisman, and Widespread Panic in equally high esteem, hearing the frontman describe the band’s new music in this way, well, makes sense.
Glover started this project four years ago in Charleston, South Carolina, when he committed himself to writing and playing his songs whenever and wherever possible. In those early days, he was backed by a rotating cast of seasoned musicians from the area, but The Travelin’ Kine came together over time, and the definitive lineup coalesced two years ago when guitarist Scottie Frier and bassist Brent Poulson joined up with Glover, mandolinist David Vaughan, harp player Mark Davis, and drummer Jim Donnelly. Since then, they’ve recorded and released their debut album, Change in the Wind; received a few nods from the Charleston City Paper as the city’s favorite Americana band; and hit the road, developing their live show (which Frier calls their “biggest asset”) on stages across the Southeast with cohorts like Yarn, Drivin n Cryin and Dangermuffin.
These early successes were like flames to a mason jar of moonshine for the band, and Glover took advantage of this momentum when he started writing songs for their as-yet-untitled sophomore album shortly after the release of Change in the Wind. This time, though, the rest of the group joined the process early on, a decision that continues to afford them more opportunities to shape their sound than ever before. If you are looking for The Travelin’ Kine these days, certainly check the bar first, but chances are that you will find them at Donnelly’s Plowground Studios on Johns Island woodshedding these tracks with Josh Roberts of Josh Roberts & the Hinges, who is producing the album (Tim Nielson of Drivin n Cryin is assisting in the production). This new approach is paying off, yielding an album that Poulson calls “a lot more rocking than the last” and comprised of songs Davis says are “relatable across the band.”
Glover’s goal is to arrange and record 16-18 of the 20 plus songs he has written for the album, and from those, release a dozen. For Vaughan, it is all about the quality of the music, and he promises that there won’t be any filler. “This next album will be better,” he says. “I don’t want to be that band. I don’t want to just put music out there for the sake of it.” Once they are happy with the songs, they will decamp to Charleston’s Truphonic Recording Studios to record the album and if all goes well, it will be released in early fall.  
So back to that “psychedelic weirdness.” Fans new and old will get a taste of it in a few months when the album is wrapped up and released, but for the time being, the Magic 8 Ball says it’s safe to trust Glover. The Travelin’ Kine aren’t prone to embellishments, and in fact, they’ve proven themselves the kind of straight-shooting troubadours that most would expect to find playing “Red Dirt Americana.” They’ve already signaled a “change in the wind” in their hometown of Charleston, and that breeze is about to blow a lot harder and weirder in the coming weeks and months. That is a guarantee.

New Album In The Works 

2017 is looking to be a big year for us!  We spent much of the winter working on songs for our upcoming sophomore album and soon we'll head in to Truphonic Recording Studios to get these tracks laid down.  Josh Roberts of Josh Roberts & the Hinges has handled the production duties for these new songs and we've had Tim Nielson of Drivin n Cryin working on a few as well.  We're planning on a late fall/early winter release but in the meantime we are building up a pretty busy summer schedule to go out and road test some of these new tracks.  Stay tuned, we'll be adding dates all over the Southeast in the coming weeks. Hope to see you on the road!

Ringing Out 2016 With a Bang 

Between releasing our first album and having record breaking numbers for our album release at Charleston Pour House, to adding new markets to our touring schedule and buying a tour bus, 2016 has been a great year for us!  We've got big plans in store for 2016 as we've recently returned to the studio and have begun work on our next album, being produced by Josh Roberts of Josh Roberts & the Hinges.  We'll spend most of the winter in the studio before hitting the road again in the spring, but first we're going to round out 2016 the best way we know how.  With a two night show at Charleston Pour House with our Dangermuffin buddies!  Click here to get your tickets in advance.  We hope to see everyone there as we celebrate another great year with great friends.  Cheers!

'Change in the Wind' Album Release 

We're thrilled to announce we will finally be releasing this creation of ours on June 18 at The Charleston Pour House!  We put a lot of time, effort, and love into this album and we can't wait to share it with you!
What is even more significant about that date is it will mark the ninth anniversary of when nine Charleston Fire Department firemen gave their lives to protect others. In honor of their sacrifice we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the MUSC Children's Hospital Burned Children's Fund.  We're encouraging local businesses to match all of a portion of our contribution.  Thanks so much to The Charleston Pour House, Virgil Kaine, Channel 4 Lowcountry Live, and The Bridge 105.5 for helping put this together!  We'll see you in a few weeks!

Travelin' with Drivin' n Cryin' 

We're excited to share the stage with Drvin' n Cryin' December 12 at the Charleston Pour House as they celebrate their 30th Anniversary and their recent induction into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame!  Tickets are selling fast so buy yours in advance here and save a few bucks while you're at it.

The Travelin' Kine w/ Forlorn Strangers & Lucas War Hero 

We return to The Charleston Pour House September 25 and we'll be joined by two great bands! Forlorn Strangers hail from Nashville and blend sweet harmonies with an energetic live performance while Lucas War Hero plays that solid country gold that's missing on country radio these days.  Don't miss out, buy your tickets now and save a few bucks!

Stay Tuned for New Tour Dates! 

We're really excited about some upcoming announcements so stay tuned to the website or our Facebook page for details coming out in the next couple of weeks!  We're nearing completion of our debut album and are really excited to get on the road to promote it! Send us a message and let us know where you'd like to see us in your hometown.  Cheers!

2015 Best of Charleston Awards 

Once again, thanks to everyone for all the nominations!  As well as being nominated for Best Band, Ryan Bonner has been nominated for Best Musician and Slaton Glover is on the ballot for Best Male Vocalist. Regardless of you you vote for click here to make your voice heard!  Voting is open until February 17.

2014 CPMA Americana Artist of the Year 

Thanks to the amazing support from this great community we've been honored as Charleston City Paper's 2014 Americana Artist of the Year.  We don't do what we do in the hopes of awards but it's always nice when your hard work is recognized.  We've kept our nose to the grindstone this entire year and have beat down as many doors as we could in an attempt to get our music heard.  2015 is fast approaching and our upcoming album and regional dates have us excited about the next phase of this project.  Thanks's again for all the support and check out the article here!
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