2014-2016 City Paper Americana Artist of the Year winners The Travelin’ Kine are on the move. In three short years this hardworking local outfit has logged serious miles honing their sound: a mix of potent songwriting and fiery country chops, doused with a few shots of whiskey. With the help of a seasoned crew of local talent, singer Slaton Glover delivers a musical message of hellfire and heartbreak, leaving it all on the stage at every performance. Releasing their first album in early 2016, the Kine's first single "Change in the Wind" was voted 2015 CPMA Song of the Year. The Travelin’ Kine amounts to some of the best lowcountry music in years. Catch them if you can! 


Ringing Out 2016 With a Bang 

Between releasing our first album and having record breaking numbers for our album release at Charleston Pour House, to adding new markets to our touring schedule and buying a tour bus, 2016 has been a great year for us!  We've got big plans in store for 2016 as we've recently returned to the studio and have begun work on our next album, being produced by Josh Roberts of Josh Roberts & the Hinges.  We'll spend most of the winter in the studio before hitting the road again in the spring, but first we're going to round out 2016 the best way we know how.  With a two night show at Charleston Pour House with our Dangermuffin buddies!  Click here to get your tickets in advance.  We hope to see everyone there as we celebrate another great year with great friends.  Cheers!

'Change in the Wind' Album Release 

We're thrilled to announce we will finally be releasing this creation of ours on June 18 at The Charleston Pour House!  We put a lot of time, effort, and love into this album and we can't wait to share it with you!
What is even more significant about that date is it will mark the ninth anniversary of when nine Charleston Fire Department firemen gave their lives to protect others. In honor of their sacrifice we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the MUSC Children's Hospital Burned Children's Fund.  We're encouraging local businesses to match all of a portion of our contribution.  Thanks so much to The Charleston Pour House, Virgil Kaine, Channel 4 Lowcountry Live, and The Bridge 105.5 for helping put this together!  We'll see you in a few weeks!

What a Difference a Year Makes 

The band has made it through our third winter and this by far was the busiest and most productive yet.  We made lots of new friends at lots of new venues in lots of new towns.  The past two winters we spent mainly reflecting on the previous spring and summer and making plans for those to come.  This year, the amount of time we've had to reflect has been mostly limited to the time it will take me to write this post.  This year we were just too busy riding down the interstate greeting those Travelin' our route with a horse head mask. Some laughed, some rolled their eyes, some gave us the finger.  Whatever the case, they ended up on one of our snapchat stories. Or the rest of the band was passive-aggressively doubting me as I swore I knew a better route than google maps.  We could have been in a serious debate about where to eat lunch and what does/does not count as fast food.  There's a chance we were too distracted by a bandmate whose window doesn't roll up insisting our gear was safe because he "locked the doors".  We may have been laughing about electric fences, busted skulls, who's mom thought who was the best looking guy in the band, 5am conversations we forgot were being recorded, or the one pair of jeans (white AND after labor day) our lead guitar player took on the road with him.  Perhaps we were too busy trying to guide him to a fake store in a fake town to buy a new pair (if you've been to a show recently you've heard of this pseudo-town).  We were surely delirious after the all night drives for a 7:30am radio show.  Not that it mattered, you can only get so much sleep with people who snore on the inhale and exhale!  In the time left over we were watching our buddies play, recording, learning songs to play in our friends tribute nights, or preparing to do it all again.

In this brief moment of forced nostalgia I've tried to solve the riddle of why this winter was so much different than the past two.  We're certainly a better band now.  We've found our identity, our sound, and it's at least unique enough to keep people intrigued. We've had the same lineup for a year so we've been able to continually move forward with out having to catch someone up.  And we've certainly had more than our share of help from our peers and heroes. I think all those things happened, though, because we're six guys who fit perfectly into this intangible being we call The Travelin' Kine.  Dave+Jim+Mark+Brent+Scotty+Slaton= The Travelin' Kine.  Just like you learned in algebra 1, if you take one part of the equation away it is no longer true.  I'm very fortunate to make the music I want to make with five of my best friends who are making the music they want to.

With that being said!  We closed out this winter and brought in the spring with a string of shows with The Band Piano, and to top it off we opened once again for one of our favorite bands of all-time, Drivin' n Cryin'. to a packed house at Columbia, South Carolina's Music Farm.  I can't say how grateful we are for the new friends we've made or for ​the support we've gotten from so many people from the beginning.  We're excited for what this year has in store and can't wait to share it with you guys!  See you at the Rock Show! 



Travelin' with Drivin' n Cryin' 

We're excited to share the stage with Drvin' n Cryin' December 12 at the Charleston Pour House as they celebrate their 30th Anniversary and their recent induction into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame!  Tickets are selling fast so buy yours in advance here and save a few bucks while you're at it.

The Travelin' Kine w/ Forlorn Strangers & Lucas War Hero 

We return to The Charleston Pour House September 25 and we'll be joined by two great bands! Forlorn Strangers hail from Nashville and blend sweet harmonies with an energetic live performance while Lucas War Hero plays that solid country gold that's missing on country radio these days.  Don't miss out, buy your tickets now and save a few bucks!

Stay Tuned for New Tour Dates! 

We're really excited about some upcoming announcements so stay tuned to the website or our Facebook page for details coming out in the next couple of weeks!  We're nearing completion of our debut album and are really excited to get on the road to promote it! Send us a message and let us know where you'd like to see us in your hometown.  Cheers!

2015 Best of Charleston Awards 

Once again, thanks to everyone for all the nominations!  As well as being nominated for Best Band, Ryan Bonner has been nominated for Best Musician and Slaton Glover is on the ballot for Best Male Vocalist. Regardless of you you vote for click here to make your voice heard!  Voting is open until February 17.

2014 CPMA Americana Artist of the Year 

Thanks to the amazing support from this great community we've been honored as Charleston City Paper's 2014 Americana Artist of the Year.  We don't do what we do in the hopes of awards but it's always nice when your hard work is recognized.  We've kept our nose to the grindstone this entire year and have beat down as many doors as we could in an attempt to get our music heard.  2015 is fast approaching and our upcoming album and regional dates have us excited about the next phase of this project.  Thanks's again for all the support and check out the article here!
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